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  • Model V is a smart digital thermostat tap. You can set the outlet water TEMP & water flow on touch panel as you like. Outlet water keep thermostatic Temp.You also can adjust the water flow on the touch panel,saving water and power.The product includes the host box, adapter and the tap. Model V with brass body and the polished chrome surface.


    Standby Power1.4WWaterproof grade IPX5
    Temperature precise1 CelsiusOperating Power3.2W
    Apply Pressure0.05-0.6MpaThermostat Speed1 Second


    Prevent water backflow

    Cold and hot water inlet valve adopted advanced 

    design, can be effectively prevent water backflow 

    when cold and hot water pressure imbalance.


    Saving water and power

    You can set the water flow on the panel.

    Long working lifeEach part service life on >300000 times of the switch.
    CertificateCE approved.


    Smart, Precise, Water-saving & High-efficiency 

    When hot water temperature fluctuation, water temperature can quickly     


    Pressure in low status on one terminal, digital thermostatic tap can 

    automatically adjust to precise temperature.

    Digital Faucet Model: V

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