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Smart Film/Glass

Smart Film can be used anywhere there's existing glass in any size and any shape!
Choose your application to learn more Smart Film and you'll be more than satisfied with the results!

Change Smart Film instantly with a simple ON – OFF switch changes the PDLC film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

Smart Film also provides savings on heating and cooling costs and is easier to clean than blinds through:
98% UV protection and 40% solar reduction 
Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions.

On / Off smart film demo

Renovation Mart

Our Manufacturer Facility 

The various colors we produce






What's new: We produce the 6th generation of PDLC Film.


Certification for both US and

Canadian market 

How it works

smart film diagram 2 copy.jpeg

Conductive Coating



LC Molecules

(transparent state)

Conductive Coating

LC Molecules

(transparent state)

PET Film

PET Film

Power ON

Power OFF

Power ON

Power OFF

LC molecules are arranged in a regular manner, allowing light to pass uninterrupted. 

LC molecules are arranged in an irregular manner, dispersing light. 


The applications for smart glass and smart film are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination. Here are just a few examples to get those creative ideas flowing...

  • privacy windows for the home and office

  • room partitions / dividers

  • solar control / security panels

  • electronic curtains / blinds

  • skylights / vision panels

  • conservatory roofs / window panels

  • counters / display cases

  • window displays / advertising screens

  • and much more...

Configuration & Operation

Voice control

Voice Control

phone logo .png

App Control 

smart film remote control.jpg

Remote Control

dimmable icon.jpg


Motion sensor logo

Motion Sensor

Smart glass ON.jpg

On - Transparent

Timer logo

Timer Control


Wifi Capability 

switch interrupter 2.jpg

Switch interrupter

Smart glass Off.jpg

Off - Opaque

Previous Smart Film projects


Not sure what product you need for what you want simply contact us and we will supply you with what you need to get the job done. 

Quote request on smart film
What color smart film interest you for your project?
What will the smart film be applied to?
In which category will the product serve its purpose?
Do you or your team have experience installing this product?

Thanks for submitting!

Downloadable Files

Smart Film Maintenance 

Smart film installation guide

How to measure glass for smart film

Smart film electrical wire diagram

Smart film Specification /

technical data

How to videos

How to install busbar 

How to install cap for busbar

How to apply smart film to glass

How to install smart film to glass door

Warranty 2 years after installation date.


Please Note: Any and all warranty claims for physical damage, Electrical connection damage (Bus Bar wiring), cuts, kinks, dents or any other damage must be reported within 7 business days of package receipt and prior to any installation attempt. The material in question must be shipped back to us in its original packaging only after this form has been completed. A copy of this statement is attached to every order.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Failure due to improper installation

  • Environmental conditions or use exceeding design standards

  • Damages resulting from : vandalism, accidents, incorrect installation, inadequate maintenance, neglect, misuse, or abuse

  • Alternation, application, or attachment of unapproved materials and coating

  • Power surges from the power company


Question: Do you have any certified installers in my area or can any glass tinting place install your product properly?

Answer: Any glass tinting company should be able to install the smart tint aspect only. A contractor or electrician should handle the wiring.

QUESTION: Can this product be applied to an existing wood frame door?

ANSWER: Yes , The door frame does not matter.


QUESTION:  Does your company provide installation services?

ANSWER:  Yes and we can supply you DIY kits as well, installation price vary per project. 

QUESTION: Does this need to be installed by an electrician?

ANSWER: NO, We provide you a complete closed system that is ready to install with a plug. If you would like to hire an electrician to achieve your goal that is your prerogative.

QUESTION: What is the control unit?

ANSWER:  Your choice of how to operate the material. Either dim it , standard on / off with remote or internet application accessible by any internet browser.


QUESTION: Can you "trim" the film on site or do you need an absolute measurement from me before the panels are custom made?

ANSWER: Switchable Smart Film, The material is custom manufactured with special equipment to insure straight cuts however you can cut the material if needed to add a logo, trim etc. with out compromising its effect.


QUESTION: Can we install this film on the top half of the glass only? We were thinking we wanted to keep the existing decals in place and install film from the decal up to the top of the panel.   

ANSWER:YES, You can install on top half or bottom half only.


QUESTION: Is the Smart film energy efficient?

ANSWER:- Yes, It is considered a green product that consumes between 3 and 5 watts per meter squared.


QUESTION: Is it less expensive than smart glass?

ANSWER: Yes, it is much less expensive than smart film. 


QUESTION: Does it block the UV harmful rays?

ANSWER:YES. It blocks over 98% of the harmful UV rays in both its energized and unenergized state.


QUESTION:Can we install this product ourselves?

ANSWER:YES, we offer complete do it your self kits with practice pieces. Refer to our "How To Install" section for videos and step by step tutorials.


QUESTION: How much does Smart film cost?

ANSWER:Every Smart film project is different and we custom cut your material into almost any shape or size, pre-wire, test and send you a ready to install kit with a package price. Lead times play a key role in job pricing. We match your material sizes with other orders for maximum efficiency and pass the savings on to you.


QUESTION: How can I purchase or get a job quote?

ANSWER: Simply submit your request for a quotation and we will reply to in 24 hours. Then we will quote you on the specification on your project. Then you will submit payment through renovation mart online shopping cart. 


QUESTION: What is the difference between Smart film adhesive and non-adhesive? 

ANSWER: "Smart film adhesive offers a thinner than the non-adhesive and widely used in the automotive industry because of its ability to contour to the complex curves of automotive glass." 

QUESTION: How does one fix these films both the (Smart film Self Adhesive or Non-Adhesive Smart film). 
is there a special way of fixing them .

Answer: Download the document in this page "installation guide". 

QUESTION: Can the sheets be cut and joined?

Answer:  Yes you can trim however it is recommended that you provide accurate measurements . Our edges are laser laser straight and depending on the installation environment and the seams will leave no gaps. We recommend you use this as an advantage and to isolate sections of the window so they can be operated independently.


QUESTION: Can a series of sheets be connected together to have one common control.

Answer: Yes, but not recommended for more that 2 sheets or 50 sq feet of material in total. The best way to install and eliminate failure is to have each sheet independently controlled with its own dedicated line.

QUESTION: Is there a specification of the thickness of the glass that it will be installed on. 

Answer:  No, Smart Cling will adhere to any smooth surface and our NON-ADHESIVE can be hung like a curtain if necessary.

QUESTION: What colors do you provide for the smart film / glass?

Answer: White, grey, black, red, blue

QUESTION: Can the sheets be fixed in any direction?

Answer: Yes

QUESTION: Are there warranties on the product..

Answer: Yes, 2 year warranty from the installation date. 

QUESTION: How long will it take for production and delivery?

Answer: This depends on Material size, total qty order and geographic delivery place.
For expedited orders and authorized provider we can ship as fast as 3-5 business days from payment confirmation. This includes the 24 hours quality control run time each sheet receives prior to shipment. We use DHL express for delivery times and for those who are not in a rush USPS.

QUESTION: What is the life time of the smart film?

Answer: 10 years 

Thank you our clients 

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