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  • Special power supply performance and technical parameters:

    •  Input voltage:AC220V(AC110V) ±20% 50Hz±5%
    •   Output voltage: AC48V~65V±5%
    •   Output power:5W-1000W
    •   Output current: 0.01A~20A
    • Environment temperature:: -20~+60℃(No ice or dew)
    • Environment humidity: Less then 90%RH (No Dew)
    •  Insulation power: AC1800V 1M1N
    •  Insulation resistance:20M
    •  Protection function: Over current, over voltage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, moisture protection and fire protection
    •   Standby mode: low voltage control, high voltage, long term standby
    •    Remote model:
    •  Switches: manual control, remote control, manual remote control linkage control, infrared control, light control, voice control, WIFI, Bluetooth, computer, tablet, mobile phone APP control, etc
    • Control: independent research and development of manual control, remote control.
    •   FM: self developed automatic tracking FM controller for optical glass

    Dimmer transformer

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