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-switch interrupter


Rated input voltage(AC)AC220V/AC110V/DC24V/DC12V
Output voltageAC48V-65V(according to customer requirements)
Rated output frequency(Hz)50HZ
WaveformSine wave
Control MethodWireless remote control switch,wall dual control switch (optional)
Input over-voltage protectionLife timeWhen the input voltage is higher than the rated voltage of 20%, the power supply will automatically turn off.
Output short circuit protectionThe output will automatically turn off the output when the output is shorted
Output over-current protectionOvercurrent power will automatically turn off the output, 110% / 10mS
Transformer protectionEnter the fuse
Transformer over-temperature protectionTransformer core temperature exceeds 75 ℃, the power will automatically turn off the output, less than 75 ℃ when the automatic recovery (overtemperature recovery).
Insulation resistance≥2MΩ
Control Mode4 key independent switch, 1 key always open the total off;
Power30W,50W, 100W, 200W, 300W(According to customer requirements, acceptable custom)

1 way transformer

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