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    • Input voltage:AC220V(AC110V) ±20% 50Hz±5%
    • Output voltage: AC48V~65V±5% 3) Output power:5W-1000W
    • Output current: 0.01A~20A
    • Environment temperature:: -20~+60°C(No ice or dew) 6) Environment humidity: Less then 90%RH 
    • Insulation power: AC1800V 1M1N 8)Insulation resistance:20M


    Product Benefits

    Environmential protection, saving-energy,safety,heat presevation,anti-condensation


    High UV resistance function, It can block more than 99 % of ultraviolet light. While it does not lose visible light into the room, it isolates a large amount of ultraviolet light to prevent the fading and aging of interior decorations and furniture. It can also protect people from diseases caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.


    Smart glass treatment 

    Electrical current controls the opacity (transparancy) of the glass. 

    Price per square foot = $45

    Film only (Adhesive)


    Smart Film per sq.ft

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